Our waxes are all imported from Australia, exclusively by us. They are the highest quality waxes, ensuring the most gentle service for our clients. The waxes contain Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and are great on sensitive areas, mature and sensitive skins. We use a combination of strip wax (also referred to as soft wax) and hard wax. By using both kinds, we are able customize services for each client, dependant on their skin and hair type. Depending on the area and hair, hard wax is generally used on the most sensitive areas sometimes including face, underarms, and always brazilians! If you have never been waxed with hard wax, prepare to be amazed – this stuff is a lot less painful and never bruises or rips the skin. Strip wax is more commonly used at other salons for all areas. We always use it on bigger surface areas that are less delicate, like legs, arms, and backs – but we will never use it for a full brazilian, as that area is far too sensitive for strip wax!

We have adopted far stricter cleaning and sterilization protocols than what the legislation calls for in our industry. No double-dipping + no cross-contamination. We properly clean and soak our tools between each client, use disposable wash bottle bags for products, and keep our wax rooms spotless. Only the most experienced waxers and skin therapists work at our shop. Our techniques, waxes and care for our clients’ comfort have raised the standard of the pussy-and-ball-waxing industry.