Bits, bobs and answers on how we roll at the PussyShop:

What is the appointment rescheduling and cancellation policy?

If you must change or cancel your appointment, please do so online, more than 24 hours before your appointment time. This will free up that spot and perhaps coordinate with someone on the waiting list’s schedule or it’ll enable someone searching online to book in. If you must cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, the amount of 50% of your service will be charged. If you must change or cancel your appointment within 3 hours of your appointment time, the full amount of your service will be charged. Once you no-show once, we ask that you please provide your credit card information on our secure site to have on file for the possibility of any future no-shows.

It is my first time getting a brazilian wax and I am nervous. Is there anything I should know to help me prepare?

Plan ahead to ensure the day of your appointment you will have eaten within 2 hours before, you are well-hydrated, relaxed, avoid excess caffeine the day of and getting a good night’s sleep the nights before. Ensuring these elements will increase your pain-tolerance. You can take an Advil 20 minutes before your appointment but it is not necessary.

Should I trim my pubes before coming to my appointment?

If your last wax was longer than 5 weeks ago, please trim the hairs a week before your waxing appointment. In case you have trimmed some hairs too short, this will ensure all hairs are long enough to be waxed by the time you come in.

I am a shaver and want to convert over and start waxing. How long do I have to grow the hairs before my appointment?

From shaving, the lead up to your first appointment will be the most annoying because all your hairs are strong and thick from shaving and you will need to grow that shit out for three weeks! If that doesn’t seem possible for you, two weeks of growth is the minimum. Not waiting three weeks will result in some of the hairs not coming out due to being too short.

Is it ok to get waxed while I am on my period?

Yes! Do not cancel an appointment because of an unexpected period. It is safe and clean to get waxed while you are menstruating. Just be prepared by wearing a fresh tampon.

What is the difference between a custom bikini wax and a brazilian wax?

Different studios name their services differently. Here is an explanation of the bikini waxing services at The PussyShop to help you select which one you’d like to book.

  • A bikini line is the removal of hair from the leg crease to 3 inches outward. Basically the hairs that would be visible frontal view while wearing a bikini.
  • A brazilian is when you want the labia hairs and ass crack hairs removed. As for the hair on the pubic bone, you can either take it all off, keep a strip or a triangle.
  • A custom bikini gives the broadest range of options and the price is a sliding scale based on what you are getting done. Imagine something between the bikini line and the brazilian wax. remove the sides, take down the top, and the option of waxing the ass crack hair or not.

I was told by a waxer named Donna that it is impossible to wax balls. is this true?

Lies! Yes you can get your scrotum waxed. You can more safely than elsewhere at The PussyShop because for balls we use hard wax. Hard wax adheres only to the hairs and not to the skin. Hard wax plus lots of stretching skin in different directions to allow working on all the areas, will give a successful and not as painful as you’d imagine ball wax.

What kind of wax do you use?

At The PussyShop we use two types of wax. strip wax and hard wax. All waxes used here are of the highest quality available and made in Australia. Our waxes are NOT mass-produced, shitty-quality waxes that many studios choose to use to cut their costs. Our clients notice a big difference with our waxes vs. the norm; during the service, the end result and the after-math. We are happy and proud to keep you smooth and stoked.

Is it true that you guys waxed Miley Cyrus?

Yes the rumours are true! When Miley was in Vancouver for her Bangerz Tour in 2014, Annik did a mobile house-call for Miley. Annik said, “Omg Miley is so lovely. Such a down and nice person. I brought my own music to play instead of the hotel spa music. She was pretty stoked on my Ass Pussy Playlist. Especially when Luda’s My Chick Bad came on. Turned me into a Miley fan no doubt!”