CoalitionSkin is also known as #ThePussyShop. Our three-year-old shop is becoming known as the best Brazilian wax studio in Vancouver. Running smoothly by a handful of lighthearted feminists, we believe in throwing humour into situations and not taking everything in life too seriously – like window displays that say pussy on them.

We do however take our top quality waxes seriously! Imported from Australia exclusively by our shop, these waxes are used to protect your most sensitive areas. We have adopted far stricter cleaning and sterilization protocols than what the legislation calls for in our industry. No double-dipping + no cross-contamination and only the most experienced waxers and skin therapists work at this shop. Our techniques, waxes and care for our clients’ comfort have raised the standard of the pussy-waxing industry.

Aside from specializing in full body waxing for men and women, we make aromatherapy blends, do skin treatments such as microdermabrasions, have a fitness studio where we host #aclassforyourass, yoga classes and throw art shows. We are also actively involved with organizations around the continent to help adoptable dogs and pussycats find their forever homes.



Annik – CoalitionSkin is the creation of Annik Landry, a certified  fitness instructor, skin therapist, waxer and business student. Annik brings over a decade of experience and training to her clients. After working in numerous countries for four years, she discovered a unique cross-cultural approach and technique that many aestheticians lack. She owes her revolutionary waxing skills to her time in Australia where she perfected the art of a Brazilian wax. She has designed an intensive training program for wax technicians so she can pass down the knowledge and skills needed to make high quality, improved treatments more and more accessible in Vancouver, resulting in clients being much happier with their services.



Johnna – Master-waxer and skin therapist Johnna is originally from the Annex in Toronto. She pursued her aesthetics studies at Bryan College in Toronto. She has worked at wax-exclusive studios for over three years meaning she is definitely pro-status when it comes to waxing, namely brazilian waxing. Johnna has an appreciation for using high quality waxes and products on her clients so it did not take her long to feel at home at CoalitionSkin. Aside from her love for hard-wax she is a clean-freak and carries this through to her work to ensure her clients are safe and happy. Johnna is passionate about travel and fitness and loves sunshine and beer.



Britt – Britt recently moved to Vancouver from a tiny town in New Brunswick. She has a gypsy soul and loves to travel. She is also a creative soul and will be starting the Global Makeup course at Blanche MacDonald this fall. She loves dancing, coffee, cats, food, and throwing odd movie quotes into conversation. We are forever grateful to Jane at Sugarbox for introducing us! And excited for y’all to meet her. You will see her at the front a few times a week!






Fabienne – Fabienne is the sexy lady you will rarely meet at the shop but maybe you’ll meet via email convo. She handles some of the administrative overflow, off-campus! When she isn’t helping us with admin stuff, she is in her art studio working on some of her many fascinating projects.




ese2Ese – The medium black dog with a huge head at CoalitionSkin is Ese. He loves to greet clients and loves attention if you wanna give it! You will find him in the reception room eating his favourite treats: bananas, kale and sushi haha. If you don’t like dogs, we are sorry because he is a keeper! (We can however put him in a different room if you are allergic or uneasy. so please let us know.) He is a big sweetheart and we are happy to have him as our shop dog.