CoalitionSkin is also known as #thepussyshop. At its current location since 2011, The Pussy Shop has become known as the best Brazilian wax studio in Vancouver. Running smoothly by a handful of lighthearted feminists, we believe in throwing humour into situations and not taking everything in life too seriously – like window displays that say pussy on them.

We do however take our top quality waxes seriously! Imported from Australia exclusively by our shop, these waxes are used to protect your most sensitive areas. We have adopted far stricter cleaning and sterilization protocols than what the legislation calls for in our industry. No double-dipping + no cross-contamination and only the most experienced waxers and skin therapists work at this shop. Our techniques, waxes and care for our clients’ comfort have raised the standard of the pussy-waxing industry.

Aside from specializing in full body waxing for men and women we help people with skin issues via guidance with proper home regimes using ingredients their skin type wants on it + offer microdermabrasion treatments.



Annik –
 Annik is the founder of CoalitionSkin. At eighteen she became certified in skin therapy + waxing and then went to uni for biz. After working in numerous countries she developed a unique cross-cultural approach + technique that many aestheticians lack. She owes her revolutionary waxing skills to her time in Australia where she perfected the art of a Brazilian wax. Annik brings seventeen years of experience + training to the waxing industry. She has designed an intensive training program for our wax technicians so she can pass down the knowledge + skills needed to make high quality, improved treatments more and more accessible in Vancouver- resulting in clients being much happier with their services. Annik spent many years slaving away, building a business from the ground up by herself. Thanks to hard work she is now working alongside an amazing team of qualified + lovely people and is able to have freedom in where she does her work. Her roles at The Pussy Shop now are HR, marketing and creating shop growth projects, which she does remotely from her home-base in Nicaragua.


Angie – Angie is a certified nutritional practitioner aka a holistic nutritionist. She is passionate about using food to help people feel good and improve their health. Like the rest of us at The Pussy Shop she believes that healthy skin begins within- eat clean and get that glow! Angie is the shop coordinator here at CoalitionSkin. Thanks to her, everything runs smoothly here!


Hannah – Hello everyone, my name is Hannah from the beautiful Emerald Isle that is Ireland. I am internationally qualified in all things beauty & esthetics (C.ID.E.S.C.O)! I am an expert waxer with a soft spot for hard wax. I have worked with Dermalogica for 5 years and love educating people on proper skincare and following them on their skincare journey. I am a dancer, so feel free to bop along with me to the funky beats in the shop and ignore my attempt to sing (and my sarcastic jokes).


Mikaela – Mikaela aka Fyfe-Dawg is from Sault Ste. Marie. 4 years in the Esthetics industry and 15 years as a makeup artist for tv, film and beauty, but zombie walks being her one true love. Mikaela loves bonding with clients, and helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. Mikaela is passionate in assisting individuals who have lost hair due to trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling disorder) alopecia and cancer by providing a supportive environment and guiding in applying eyebrows to look natural. Catch this kind yogi painting, hiking and thrifting on some of her spare time.


Fabienne – Fabienne is this fine lady you will rarely meet at the shop but maybe you’ll meet via email convo. She handles some of the administrative overflow, off-campus! When she isn’t helping us with admin stuff, she is in her art studio working on her many fascinating projects.


ese2Ese – This medium black dog with a huge head is Ese. He grew up as our shop dog and loved to greet clients and receive all the hugs. Now he lives in Nicaragua with Annik but we are having trouble taking him off the website because he’s so damn cute. If you’re an animal lover and would like to get involved with dog and cat rescue please let us know! The Pussy Shop is actively involved with organizations around the world to help adoptable dogs and pussycats by finding their forever homes, fostering pups, being flight escorts to get dogs to their new forever home and by raising awareness on #adoptdontshop on our instagram @coalitionskin. Also, our shop is dog-friendly so bring your pals! If you are currently fostering a dog please bring them by so we can take pics and pimp them out to our rad community!